OBS Address Book

The OBS Address Book


The OBS Address Book is a sophisticated Java Swing Application, which runs against a central Oracle Database, directly. The Addresses are stored in a single table. However, every user can have an Address Table on his own.Thus, several users can share one AddressBook or each user can have its own one. Of course, each user can be restricted in his rights to add,update or delete Addresses. You can download the Java application just by clicking on the image below.


Download OBS AddressBook

The OBS Address Book stores addresses
& corresponding Notes in a central Oracle database !#~


The OBS Address Book incorporates a Form
for managing the Assets of a company or their customers.
The Assets can be categorized and sorted according to their status.

Download OBS AddressBook

Assets can be assigned to a valid address in the Address Book !#~


Any number of Parts can be created and assigned
to the corresponding Object Id.
The parts of the corresponding object will be coloured
according to their status of availability .

Download OBS AddressBook

Parts can be assigned to the corresponding object !#~


Any number of Notes can be created and assigned
to the corresponding address, easily.
Moreover, you can prioritize the notes
and sort the notes accordingly.

Download OBS AddressBook

Notes are coloured according to their priority !#~


Free Oracle Database Application

OBS Address Book consists of 3 components:

OBS Address Book Application
Java Runtime Environment 1.6 (java.exe)
Oracle Database (e.g. Oracle Express Edition 10g)

The Address Book can store any number of Addresses in an Oracle Database.

The OBS Java Application is completely free for private and commercial use.
It's very easy to install, use and will run
on Windows, Linux and Unix.

OBS Cool Colors

The OBS Address Book lists its data records coloured
according to the priority of the corresponding record.

The lists can be sorted in any order you wish !#~


Dynamic Lookup Lists

OBS Address Book provides two kinds of dynamic lookup lists:

a.) locally (file based)
b.) centrally (db based)

Thus the lookup lists can be modified externally,
without any programme change!#~

Super Performance

The Java Application is due to its Client-Server Architecture super performing
and will not slow down in a Multi -User-Environment.

Firewall Resistence

OBS AddressBook is resistent to Firewall disconnects,
which occur every one or two hours in general.
It uses the Oracle Port only (1521).


OBS AddressBook requires <java.exe 6> and <classes12.jar> !#~

You can get both from Sun and Oracle out of the Internet for free.

In order to get your OBS Address Book finally installed,
you only need to :

0. download<OBSAddressBook.zip>
1. unzip <AddressBook.zip>

2. adapt & run <AddressBook.bat> by double-clicking it
adapt <Config.txt> , restart Application & connect to an Oracle Database.

Once you are connected against an Oracle Database,
you just need to run the File Menu Item <Install Module>.

Now, you can enter as many addresses as you like !#~

Free Downloads

Free Download of JRE/JDK
Free Download of OBS AddressBook
Free Download of Oracle JDBC Driver
Free Download of Oracle Express Edition 10g

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