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The Enterprise Information Server is a typical Out of the Box database application based on LAMP. From the very first day, a whole enterprise can use the system through a standard browser. Running a very lean MySQL database, the Enterprse Information Server is extremly fast, cheap and easy to manage.

EIS Main Features

The EIS Application is a very lean database application, which provides the forms you request. By default, there are more than 10 standard forms to begin with. Each form is linked to a virtual Notepad, which allows EIS-users to add additional text to any form record. Furthermore EIS-Users can upload files to the Enterprise Information Server, which are automatically categorized, sorted and timestamped. Thus, you have an easy to use version control system for any file-type.

EIS Content Management

EIS incorporates a very easy to use Content Management Modul. With the Content Management Modul you can easily create, format and publish Articles. Articles are automatically put into their corresponding category on the EIS Starting Webpage.

EIS Database Model

EIS is based on an object oriented database model. The EIS Database Model is a 3 level tree-like data structure. Thus, you can virtually store any object, with its properties in containers, which are represented by tables with 1:n relations. For example you can assign any number of routers with all their interfaces and configuration parameters to a customer.

EIS Cool Colours

EIS displays its datasets with multidimensional colouring, which depend on the context, the priority and the state of the corresponding record. By default, records are coloured red, orange, yellow, blue and violet. EIS Cool Colours help you to pick out important datasets very fast at first sight.

EIS Phonetic Search

Sometimes you do not know, how a surname is spelled correctly. This is, why you can run a phonetic search on Contact Names, which will find all surnames, which sound similiar to the name you have entered. Of course, basically, a phonetic search can be applied on any other fieldname, too.

EIS Transaction Collision Detection

If many users modify the same tables, one user can easily overwrite the changes of another user, performed some seconds before. However, the EIS Transaction Collision Detection can automatically detect transaction collisions and rollback the corresponding transactions. Thus, EIS makes sure, that a change of one user is not overwritten by another user without notice.

EIS Table Loader

The EIS table loader fully integrates into the EIS form generator to automatically fill new forms with data. Thus, the system manager can easily load, reload and synchronize EIS tables with ascii files. Basically, the whole EIS application can be filled with the EIS Table Loader. Of course, the EIS Table Loader can export tables, as well. Thus, EIS provides an universal out of the box bidirectional interface for the EIS Database.

EIS Cold Standby

You should install a second cold standby server, in order to compensate hardware failure. You might also use the cold standby server for running statistics and reports or software tests. Usually, you would update the cold standby server each evening with the current EIS database. Of course, this can be automated completely and performed in a very secure way. With the EIS cold standby server and running EIS on a raid 5 system, you can have a low cost high availability system with 99,999% uptime.

EIS Surprise

EIS will surprise you by many additional features like an amazing calendar, an useful right button menu or dynamic look up lists. Besides there is a graphical EIS Administration-Tool, which will simplify EIS adminstration to the utmost. Anyway, the best surprise is, that EIS runs at 150% on scripts, which makes on-the-fly changes and enhancements very easy.

EIS Scalability

The Enterprise Information Server scales up to as many servers as you like by building a large grid. For example, the EIS Web Ticket System runs on a dedicated Webserver that connects back to the central EIS Database Server. Moreover, you can run an EIS Cold Standby or EIS Statistics in an EIS grid. On a standard PC, EIS can process up to 100.000 inserts per hour on both MySQL and Oracle databases.

EIS Reports & Statistics

EIS provides a lot of Reports and Statistics out of the box. However, with the report wizard it is very easy to create new reports or diagrams in a very sophiticated way. Once, you have created your first report, you will love it like EIS.

EIS for Oracle

For really large environments EIS can run on Oracle databases, using the Zend Core for Oracle Technology . With Oracle, EIS exceeds all MySQL limits, leveraging the advantages of an industrial database, i.e. unlimited Tablespace, Real Application Clustering and sophisticated Backup & Recovery. Thus, EIS is suited for very large installations with thousands of users, too. However, EIS for Oracle for free is limited to

1 CPU,
1 GByte of Ram,
4 GByte of tablespace

EIS For Oracle fully integrates Application Express, which means you can run reports on EIS Tables through HTTP, using the sophisticated Application Express Development Environment.

EIS Multiple Language Support

EIS offers Multiple Language Support through the EIS WebTicketSystem, which provides forms in English, German, French and Spanish by default. However, it is quite easy to add additional languages. In fact, for the time being, all EIS forms are available in English and German, being well prepared for additional languages.

EIS Data Compression

All Sorts of Files like Excel Sheets, Word Documents or Power Point Presentations are automatically compressed and decompressed on the fly. With EIS Data Compression, the EIS Virtual Database can grow up to 1 TByte.

EIS Nice Price

EIS runs on free software on standard PC hardware and uses popular, well documented Open Source products. Thus, EIS is very cheap in terms of installation, operation and further development. In fact

Enterprise Linux,
ZendCore for Oracle
and Oracle Express Edition

can be downloaded, installed and deployed, even commercially, at no costs at all. In addition to that, EIS can be run in a virtual machine, which saves you a didicated Computer . 4 GByte of disk space is more than enough.

EIS Concept Guide

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