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A Play with Virtual Machines

Basically, virtual machines are computers in a computer. For example, you can run several linux boxes on a Windows XP computer, which should incorporate at least 500 MByte of RAM. The linux Boxes could run different distributions and/or versions. Thus, you can run Red Hat and SuSE simultaneously on a Windows XP Computer.

To run a computer in a computer is an amazing experience, which is called an emulation. Of course, an emulation is alwayse slower than running the operating system directly on hardware. However, the additional functionality of running XP and Linux simultaneously is amazing. Running virtual machines rather than real computers saves you a lot of money, time and space, especially, when you run a lot of software tests or develop software on different platforms. Virtual machines reside in a directory, which can easily be copied or moved to another location. You might even run the Virtual Machine from an USB disk on a Notebook.

Virtual Machines can easily be closed and restarted in seconds without booting the operating system. OBS provides virtual machines as Out of the Box Solutions on DVD. You only need to copy the OBS virtual machine from DVD to your hard disk and start it using the VMware Player, which resides on the same DVD.

A virtual Box of Tricks

The virtual Box of Tricks comes preinstalled with Linux, configured for immediate use, running the LAMP platform. You can use the OBS virtual machines for example for:

Running Linux on XP
Oracle Express Edition 10gR2
Evaluating Open Source software
Securing your access to the internet

Running Linux on XP

Running Linux in a virtual container is as easy as starting the VMware Player and open the corresponding VMX Configuration file.

The OBS Virtual machine runs the LAMP platform, that is an Apache Webserver and a MySQL Database connected through PHP middleware. Now, you can develop your own PHP application and run it from any PC in your Intranet.

Oracle Express Edition 10gR2

OBS can deliver Oracle Express Edition 10gR2 in a virtual Machine. The Virtual Machine runs an Apache Webserver, Zend Core for Oracle and a 10gR2 database out of the Box.

Thus, you can easily play with a real Oracle database, freely develop Oracle applications and show it to your customers on a Notebook.

Evaluating Open Source software

You can install whatever software you like from the internet and give it a try. If your virtual machine gets corrupted or you just want to revert to the old state, you just delete it and get yourself a fresh copy from DVD. However, if you installed software or a configuration, which you want to keep, you can just copy it to another location or burn it on DVD.

Secure access to the internet

You can use the virtual machine to connect to the internet in a very secure way. In this case you should start the Linux firewall, shutdown all Services and login as 'obs user'. Now, you can freely browse the World Wide Web, download files and open them without being afraid of Trojan Horses, Viruses or Active X attacks.

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