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PDB Overview

The OBS Virtual Picture Database is an Out of the Box Database, that can store any kind of digital files, i.e. Excel Sheets, PDFs or digital Pictures or even films. The files are automatically indexed, categorized and compressed, which reduces disk space down to a 5th. Though, users can't modify the uploaded files, they can download and alter them and upload a new version. To view the digital documents and pictures you only need to click the biutton <Open File>.

The OBS Picture Database can cope with very large amounts of data, since it runs on a lean Oracle Database.

PDB Key Features

Since End of 2008, the OBS Picture Datbase is available as virtual Machine for both, MySQL and Oracle Databases. Thus, it is very cheap to run, easy to use and simple to extend. Each file is assigned a priority and status, which in turn determinates the colour of the records, when listed.
In fact, it will cost you virtually nothing.

PDB Data Compression

All Sorts of Files like Excel Sheets, Word Documents or Power Point Presentations are automatically compressed and de-compressed on the fly. With PDB Data Compression, the Virtual Picture Database can grow up to 1 TByte on a 200 GByte virtual disk.

PDB as Virtual Machine

OBS provides its Picture Database as an Out of the Box Solutions on DVD or USB Stick. Virtual Machines can easily be closed and restarted in seconds without booting the operating system.

PDB Security

The OBS Virtual Picture Database is a very secure Database, using https for encryting all data traffic.

Furthermore it incorporates many sophisticated security features.

PDB Scalability

The OBS Virtual Picture Database is highly scalable and can be clustered in a high availability grid.

Picture Database Concept Guide

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