OBS Virtual Webfire

Secure Access to the Internet

With OBS Virtual Webfire, you can easily secure your Internet Access, even if you are using Windows XP with no firewall and antivirus software.

Since OBS Virtual Webfire is a virtual machine which runs SuSE 10 you are protected against any kind of IE or Windows vulnerabilities. OBS Virtual Webfire is based on free Open Source Software which is very easy to install, run and configure.

Before you connect to the Internet you should start the Linux firewall, shutdown all Services and login as 'obs user'. Now, you can freely browse the World Wide Web, download files and open them without being afraid of Trojan Horses, Viruses or Active X attacks.

After browsing the World Wide Web you can easily restore your original virtual Machine, every month, every week or every day just to be sure.

Of course, you can have a virtual Machine for every purpose. For example a virtual machine for Online-Banking, one for normal Browsing and one just for downloads !

Protection against Trojan horses, viruses and dialers

Although the World Wide Web was originally developed for scientific, educational and commercial use, there are more and more people, using it for illegal or even criminal purposes. The main reason for these people to be so successful is based on 3 security holes:

1. Browsers are unsecure by default.
2. The Email Protocol is very unsecure.
3. The Windows Operating System is extremly unsecure.

If you communicate with somebody in the world wide web, you never know, who the person is. The reason for that is, that an internet user can use the world wide web anonymously, fake his email address or even use another's identity. Websites can be run anywhere in the world, where criminals can not be sued.

There are 3 major risks:

Spam Mails with trojan horses as appendix

If you get an unsolicited Email with an appendix, you should not download but delete it on the Email server. Nevertheless, if you still want to downloaded it, you should check the file extension.

Pdf, jpg or txt files are not dangerous, while Exe, Com or Bat files are programms rather than documents, which can do anything on your PC and are therefore extremly dangerous.

If you have executed a virus program you should disconnect from the internet immediately, check the programm with a virus scanner in order to make sure what kind of program it is and remove the virus.


The are a lot of malicious websites out there, which try to install trojan horses on your PC or try to get your PIN to rob your bank account. In general, internet robbers will send you a fake email saying you need to follow a link in order to check your bank account details. However, the link will lead you to a fake website with a confusing URL, which only purpose is to hack your bank account.

Generally, any transaction over the internet should use https in order to encrypt your private data. Only Websites, that use https, must have a digital certificate.


Dialers are virus programms which try to connect to a very expensive telephone number. Of course dialers do not work on DSL. Malware is distributed over malicious websites, emails or as free software on floppies or CDs.

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